Aquafine log We "AQUA FINE CHEMICALS" introduce ourselves one of the leading producers of specialty chemicals and chemicals for water and industrial process treatment. "AFC" AQUA FINE CHEMICALS established in 1999, over the years "AFC" has built a strong reputation in advanced chemical treatment technology for water and waste water treatment among a few indigenous class manufacturers. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

AFC develops and applies creative solutions to many water related problems like corrosion, deposition, foaming, carryover, condensate corrosion and biological growth.

AFC manufactures a wide range of products for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment, waste water treatment, fuel additives & other specialty chemicals,R.O.Water chemical. Each product has unique properties. These products have demonstrated their performance under exacting conditions for long periods of time.

The products manufactured find application in Suger Industries, Paper Industries, Tyre & Rubber Industries, Textile Industries, Plastics Industries, Distilieries, Thermal Power Station, Pharmaceuticals, Agro Chemicals, Fertilized, Pesticides , Petrochemicals, Perfumery Chemicals, Dyes and Intermediates act.

AFC customized approach to service is provided at our customers’ site by a highly trained sales force, supported by market-focused applied research. At AFC standard and tailor made chemical treatment programs are offered for a wide variety of market in almost every corner of the industry. AFC aim is to help ensure optimum and trouble free operations in your plant, mill, mine or municipality through the prevention of water and process related problems.

Customers delight has been our motto which goes beyond just making a sale. The customers are educated in the correct and efficient usage of the product.

Value Added Services


We provide value added services

We deliver results


You might say we are problem solver

We have real solutions of water treatment


How Aqua Fine treatment Programs work to your benefit.

Assure compliance with environmental regulations

Maximize product recovery

Conserve water

Conserve energy

Reduce operational costs

Help reduce unscheduled shutdowns

Save manpower costs

Help eliminate premature replacement of equipment

Simplify inventory and chemical handling

  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

  • paper mills

    Paper Mills

  • sugar industry

    Sugar Industry

  • Plastics industry

    Plastics Industry

  • textiles industry

    Textiles Industry

  • Distilleries


  • Thermal Power Station

    Thermal Power Station

  • Refineries


  • Steel Industry

    Steel Industry

  • Mining Industry

    Mining Industry

  • Food and Beverage Industry

    Food and Beverage Industry

  • Perfumery Company

    Perfumery Company

  • Fertilizer Company

    Fertilizer Company

  • Power Plant

    Power Plant

  • Pesticides Industry

    Pesticides Industry

  • Oil & Petroleum Industry

    Oil & Petroleum Industry

  • Tyre & rubber Industry

    Tyre & Rubber Industry

  • Dairy Industry

    Dairy Industry

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

  • Auto mobile Industry

    Auto Mobile Industry

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